How To Calculate Departmental Cut Off Marks for JAMB

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    Samuel Tolulope

    How To Calculate Departmental Cut Off Marks for JAMB
    There are three (3) methods that Educational Institutions in Nigeria use to Calculate Departmental Cut Off Marks and we explain them below.


    Before we begin to show you the first method, it’s important we inform you that all Institutions do not have the same cut off mark; as they each have their different departmental cut off for each course which they may likely change with the changing academic session.

    For instance, you are aspiring for law in UNIPORT and they have their departmental cut off for studying law set at 77.
    So, let’s assume you scored 68 points in Post UTME and 260 in jamb since post UTME and JAMB are over 100 an 400 respectively.

    So, let’s carry out the exercise and see if you are qualified to study law at the University of Port Harcourt.

    1). First of all, you will have to divide your post UTME score by 2 which is 68/2=34

    and your jamb score by 8 which is 260/8=32.5

    Add the two answers together which will be something like this 32.5+34=66.5

    The exercise above shows that the aspiring Uniport candidate is not qualified to study law in Uniport despite having a good score.

    So, the formula for calculating your departmental cut off mark for all schools with this method is to divide your jamb score by 8 and post UTME score by 2.


    The second method is slightly different from the first. The second method requires both your post UTME, jamb, and o level grades to calculate your departmental cut off mark.

    Most schools like the University of Lagos that use this type of method to calculate are usually too demanding.

    There are things you need to note such as;

    *. You will Divide your JAMB score by 8 as usual.
    *. The total marks which are obtainable in post-UTME 20.19
    *. Your o level grades are over 30. Below is how to calculate your O level result.

    How To Calculate Your O Level Grade
    First of all, don’t forget that institutions only require five subjects from you which includes Maths and English. Please note that most institutions that consider only five o level subjects have the A1 equal to 6 points. This means if you are able to score 5A”s in the compulsory o level subjects, then you have already had 30 marks already.

    A1 = 6 points
    B2 = 5 points
    B3 = 4 points
    C4= 3 points
    C5 = 2 points
    C6 = 1 points

    Let’s assume for instance you choose Banking/Finance in UNIBEN and their cut of mark is 70. See how to calculate with the second method below.

    For instance, your JAMB score was 260 while you score 12 for post UTME and have 3A”s 1 B3 AND C5. See how to calculate it below:

    Your Jamb -> 260/8=32.5
    Your WAEC result (3A”S equals to 3×6=18 +B3=4 + C5=2)
    Note: Unlike the first method, you don’t need to divide post UTME score by two for this category.

    Now, let us add up everything…


    Any student who gains admission into a University using this kind method, such student certainly has a good ‘O’ level result


    The third method which happens to be the easiest method and the most preferred by most Nigerian students. This method doesn’t require students to write post UTME, it centers around pure screening

    The only two things that will be required of you is your JAMB as well as your ‘O’ level result. Unlike others where you have departmental cut off marks, this method doesn’t require any departmental cut off mark, but nevertheless, the higher your JAMB score, the higher your chances of being admitted into the institution. Some of the Universities that employ this method include the University of Abuja, FUOYE, and others.


    I think I prefer the third method

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