How to Balance Spirituality with Academics

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    Samuel Tolulope

    How to Balance Spirituality with Academics

    Never separate your academic life from your spiritual life:
    You are of God, He’s absolutely interested in every aspect of your entire life. You should not operate your academic life away from God.

    Holy Spirit is ever ready to explain to you those hard topics to details. All you need to do is just to invite Him to help you.

    Don’t separate your spiritual life from your academic life. Let God into your academic life. This will have a great positive effect on your academic success.

    2. Don’t be hooked up with too much religious activities:

    Don’t get me wrong, religious activities are really good when we have good walk with God. But don’t be hooked up with too much religious activities.

    When it’s getting to a point at which you miss classes, or you barely have time for your own academic studies or quiet time with God, you should be careful. Your personal relationship with God and the reason of your being in the university or campus which is your academics should not be left in jeopardy.

    3. Discipline:

    You should be aware that you need discipline to strike that balance you need between your spiritual and academic life.

    4. Prioritize right:

    I know you have a long to-do list. Getting to manage them all may seem like a herculean task.

    Prioritize your long to-do list. This will help you a lot to have practically all your daily plans laid out and achieved easily.

    5. Have a good relationship with other Christian students:

    Getting to move and develop a good and close relationship with other Christian students is a good advantage. You can all get to study together and also fellowship together.

    6. Avoid distractions:

    Distractions that can waste your time should be avoided. Whatever will take your time without any productivity or impact is not worth the time.

    7. Be Consistent:

    Be consistent with your studies, don’t accumulate notes till examinations or tests comes around. Study well. Do assignment on time, don’t miss classes.

    Be consistent in your walk with God too, as He is your source of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Don’t worry, He’s got you covered!


    To avoid distraction is a major work on its own. I must say, it’s not easy balancing spirituality with academics

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