Do you think school is a scam?

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    Samuel Tolulope

    Do you think that school is a scam? SHARE YOUR VIEWS IN THE COMMENT SECTION. Meanwhile let me share mine.

    The Nigerian Educational System is no doubt, extremely corrupt, with bad lecturers/teachers, poorly trained/unqualified lecturers/teachers, unserious students with sorting everywhere, government negligence, inadequate teachers, obsolete and impractical knowledge, etc. The educational system failed and the aftermath is that other systems of the nation are collapsing.

    It is even the cause of UNEMPLOYMENT. The right educational system should teach us to CREATE JOBS not to LOOK FOR JOBS. As the educated ones, it is assumed that you are privileged to acquire knowledge, therefore, make innovations that would benefit those that didn’t go to school, but it isn’t so. The reverse is mostly the case as the socalled education turned it upside down.

    This infamous quote that went viral: SCHOOL NA SCAM is true. I won’t argue because the Nigerian school really is a scam. At least I’m in Nigeria and I’ve experienced it. But I would like to ask a question, WHY DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL OR WHY ARE YOU IN SCHOOL?
    If your answer to this question is to get knowledge, then school being scam shouldn’t matter to you.
    NOTE: SCHOOL not EDUCATION is a scam.
    “Going to school is not my priority, being educated is.” Going to school is only one of the means you can be educated, it is not education. Educate yourself, read books and you’ll definitely not care about this quote.


    school can never be scam, it’s just that students are not ready to learn anymore. the government are not trying either because they should invest more in education and make people stop thinking going to bbnaija is life… that is my honest opinion and if we continue this way, more students will go astray, my two cent


    Yes and no. Yes for the fact that despite the hardship in school, to get a job in this country is by grace and connection. No in the sense that no knowledge is lost

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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