Careers for Political Science Graduates

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    Samuel Tolulope

    Careers for Political Science Graduates

    There is a wide range of careers a political science graduate in Nigeria can aspire to or follow. The final choice depends on the inclinations and interests of the person involved.

    If you are a Nigerian graduate of Political Science you can pursue a career as any of the following;

    Activist, Advocate/Organizer (Local & International NGOs, Media Houses etc)
    Administrator (in Corporate, Government, Non-Profit Organisations)
    Archivist, Online Political Data Expert (Archives, Museums, News Organisations,
    Budget Examiner or Analyst (Budget office for Socio-Political Organisations, NGOs etc)
    Attorney (Law Firms, Corporate Organisations etc)
    Campaign Operative/Organiser (in Campaign Office of Political Office Candidates)
    Security Services Analyst or Agent (State Security Agencies, Private Security Firms etc)
    Constituency Office/Committee Staffer (Constituency Office of State and Federal Legislators)
    Coordinator of Federal or State Aid (NACA & other Federal or State Aid and Emergency Agencies, NGOs etc)
    Communications Director (Corporations, Medium Companies, NGOs, Local & International Agnecies etc)
    Corporate Analyst (Media Houses, Corporations, NGOs)
    Corporate Public Affairs Advisor (Media Houses, Companies & Corporations)
    Corporate Economist (Socio-Economic organizations, Research Organisations, Companies etc)
    Corporate Manager (Companies, NGOs, Media Houses etc)
    Corporate Information Analyst (Media Houses, Corporate Organisations, Local & International NGOs)
    Corporation Legislative Issues Manager (Multinationals, Corporate Organisations, Companies, NGOs etc)
    Editor, Online Political Journal (Journals, News Websites, TV/Radio/Web Media Houses etc)
    Foreign Service Officer (Embassies & High Commissions, Immigration Service, Diplomatic Corps etc)
    Foundation President (NGOs, Foundations such as Tony Elumelu Foundation, etc)
    High School Government Teacher (Secondary Schools, Colleges etc)
    Immigration Officer
    Information Manager (Schools, Corporate Organisations, Companies, Medium Businesses, NGOs etc)
    Intelligence Officer (Private Security Organisations, Intelligence & Research Firms, State Security Agencies etc)
    International Agency Officer (NGOs & International Agencies)
    International Research Specialist (Research Organisations)
    Journalist (Print, Radio & Web Media Houses)
    Labor Relations Specialist (Labour related NGOs, Human Right NGOs, Corporations, Media Houses etc)
    Legislative Analyst / Coordinator (Constituency Offices of Legislators, Media Houses, Pressure Groups & Socio-political NGOs)
    Lobbyist (Campaign Teams of Politicians, Lobby Team for Corporate Organisations, Pressure Groups, Regional Groups etc)
    Management Analyst (Management Consulting Firms, Research Organisations, Economic Consultants, Corporate Firms/Organisations, Small & Medium Businesses)
    Mediator (Law Firms, Dispute Resolution Organisations, Self Employed Mediator etc)
    Policy Analyst (Columnist in Print and Web Media, Analyst on TV/Radio Houses, Writer/Author, Blogger)
    Political Commentator (Same as above)
    Pollster (Poll Agencies, Campaign Groups, etc)
    Public Affairs Research Analyst (Media Houses, etc)
    Public Opinion Analyst (Media Houses, NGOs etc)
    Publisher (Web, Print, Blog)
    Research Analyst (Research Firms, Management Consulting Firms, Marketing Agencies, Media Houses etc)
    State Legislator (Pursue a career in Politics, Contest for post in local & state legislature)
    Survey Analyst (Polls Agencies, Survey & research firms, Media Houses etc)
    Systems Analyst (Technology Firms, Corporate Organisations, etc)
    Teacher (High Schools and Colleges)
    University Professor (Pursue a Career in lecturing in Higher Institutions)
    Urban Policy Planner (Local Governments, Urban Planning Agencies, Architectural & Building Firms etc)

    Important Skills for a Successful Career for Political Science Graduates in Nigeria
    – Oral and written communication
    – Decision – making
    – Problem – solving
    – Analytical thinking
    – Research skills
    – Leadership abilities
    – Ability to interact with diverse populations
    – Ability to develop and market ideas
    – Understanding of community needs
    – Computer literacy
    – Ability to collaborate/work as part of a team
    – Work well under pressure


    Why am I in a science department?😫😫. There are so wide ranges of career in social science departments

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