5 ANNOYING Things Every Nigerian Student Hates About Job Hunting

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    Samuel Tolulope

    5 ANNOYING Things Every Nigerian Student Hates About Job Hunting

    Job hunting is hard enough as it is, but doing that while still a student? Hell. If you have ever had to look for a job while in school, then this post is for you. Warning: painful content ahead

    1) Degrees
    Every single job opening is looking for someone with a degree. Some even want people with two or three degrees. Honestly, why can they not just manage the fact that some of us do not one yet? Please, employers, consider us

    2) Job Experience
    We do not have the degree, is it now job experience we can produce from nowhere? Hire me and give me the experience. I command you!

    3) Age
    Jobs will list that they are looking for people not less than 25, and you with your 19 year old birth certificate will just be there wondering why your parents did not get it on sooner. Pain, that is all we know. We blame all the people that call youths future leaders. Let us lead now.

    4) Schedule
    You cannot search for JUST any job, you need one that matches your schedule because you are a busy person. The kind of jobs available will now usually be around the time Prof Ahmadi sets tests. Questions will now begin to be asked. School or money? Decisions, decisions.

    5) Pay
    You finally get the job, and what do they want to pay you with? Vibes and exposure. They will tell us if we can pay for the things we use with vibes or exposure. Rubbish.


    It’s the age and job experience for me. Like where did you except me to get experience from? I just finished my service😫🤣

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