19 Milestones That Turn University Roommates Into Best Friends

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    Samuel Tolulope

    19 Milestones That Turn University Roommates Into Best Friends

    If you attended university in Nigeria, chances are that you can relate to one or two things on this list.

    Let’s take a walk down memory lane:

    1) When the whole room starts sharing one bucket, one tube of toothpaste, one iron.

    2) And sharing slippers too.

    3) Then, you no longer hide your nakedness after having your bath.

    4) Sometimes, you all gather to watch a new series together. And you actually pause when one person goes to urinate.

    5) Or, you watch football together.

    6) You have cooked and eaten the blood covenant of concoction rice.

    7) Or a full pot of beans.

    8) The first fart is a bonding experience.

    9) Especially when you are all chilling in the room after stabbing a class.

    10) Nothing beats the feeling when everyone in the room fails the same course.

    11) Nursing your roommate back to good health during an illness.

    12) Then teasing them about being a big baby after they have recovered.

    13) Missing them when you go home for the holidays.

    14) Saving seat for each other in class when you eventually attend.

    15) Buying hand outs and helping them photocopy lecture notes. Then also helping them sign attendance.

    16) Whispering the answer to number 5 on a difficult test even though you “don’t usually do this.”

    17) Not being ashamed to be seen with them in public anymore – they are kind of aii.

    18) Hustling for water together. The actual ghetto.

    19) Finally, saving their number on your phone. With their name instead of roommate.

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