Can we all admit that this whole pandemic will change the course of learning and academics forever ? Or at least for a very long time.  4 months is actually a long time to be away from academics.

To be honest, the student in me is actually really tired. The fuel that keeps me going is that fact that i’m left with a single semester and that’s it.

But what about freshmen, people in their sophomore year ? They are the real victims here.  Aside the fact that their exams will be based around the pandemic and the afterlife of the pandemic, they will feel the heat and the pressure more. And it will take a really long time before their brains catch up with the works and their body with the workloads.  The lockdown has  programmed us in a particular way, we have this rhythm :-wake up, do your chores (that’s if you have one), eat, see a movie, read a novel, etc then sleep. That’s the routine.

There are rumors, that schools might reopen on the 7th of September. We don’t know how true it is, but here are some tips that can help

you ease your way back to that student life.

Set your alarm : Yeah; this is the first step into that life. You need to start waking up early! stop waking up by 10 or 11. you need to start waking up early as though you have a 7am class So set your alarm for 5am or 6am, 8am max.

Sit in a spot for 1 hour : This is actually uncomfortable, but remember you’re trying to find your way back to the student life. So sit in a spot for an hour and think of it as if you’re having a class.

Practice your writing : Honestly i tried writing, but oh God it was terrible. So i’m writing more now, just trying to get my penmanship up to date. And try dictations also.

Read a book : No not your novels , no no not that. Read an actual school book. What’s that you said ? You didn’t come home with your notes ? Fine. Use google or download some Pdfs. You want to start sharpening your brain.

And try exercising – I cannot stress this enough, start getting some works in, cause you’ll be walking a lot, running. So you need to work on that.

Good luck

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