Growing up, I’ve always said i wanted to be a lawyer, because i loved their attire, that was the goal up until primary 6 when i saw the passing out parade of the air force. i instantly fell in love with  the force, but that was short lived.

  My elder brother got admitted into Nigerian Navy Secondary school , and the gist he brought back wasn’t it. so i had to quit that. Then i discovered books, i realized i love reading, then i went to art class, with no intention or a career focus. “keeping my options open” i said.

Then in my senior year in high school, i finally found what i was good at. “learning new languages, traveling”  so what did i opted for international relations.

I got admitted into the university to study International Relations. But, in my sophomore year, i realized i love to write,  I read stories to spin it, write every chance i got. i realized writing was something i loved , and not just a hobbie. then i started thinking, am i supposed to be in international relations or Mass communication ?

So here are the thing you should consider before choosing a career course.

•Interest  : are you passionate about it  ?

You hear some grownups complaining about how much they hate their job. always nagging at every chance they get, it’s not their fault, it’s just that they are doing something they don’t love. you too think about it. just cause you can do the dishes, doesn’t mean you enjoy doing the  dishes and you know how grumpy you get when your mom asks you to do it.

So think about your course that way.


Yes, you’re passionate about it, but can you make something for yourself out of it  ?  Considering how prices are starting to escalate , and standard of living are getting costly, will it ensure your financial security ?

Always keep this in mind. You should always consider this,  even if you’re passionate about it, and you’re not getting enough pay from it , you might end up not liking it. And , maybe you like the little you’re getting , remember you’re not alone , you have family members that will be solely dependent on you.

•Graduate Employment Rate

It is vital that you take a marketable course. There is nothing as frustrating as having to study for many years only to be an unemployed graduate statistic.


Courses are not the same, henceforth duration also differs in some instances. If you are willing to invest time in that course, then you can go for it.

Your Academic Performance

There are some courses like engineering that requires a potential student to be good in certain subjects like mathematics and sciences. So before you get excited about the course, asses yourself to see if you can be able to perform well.

Finally and most importantly

•Your Values

Do not choose a course that will force you to sell your soul. If you have a strong will against politics, or religion, steer away from courses that will make you go beyond what you stand for.

Note : With the Nigeria’s educational system, some of us aren’t usually lucky to study our intended courses, but you can always learn to love it.

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