Can we all agree that this is an unwanted by needed break ?  Unwanted because it has changed and affected the calendar of schools and also the timeline of final year students. 

Needed because , well, we can’t not deny the stress of being a Nigerian Student. From early morning classes , to meeting of assignments deadlines, project works, amongst other things. 

So this break is needed to get the mind right and recuperate, as long as we stay at home and follow the health precautions. 

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While you’re at home, here’s a list of things you should and could do to engage yourself. 

Stay Healthy 

I can’t not stress this enough , we all need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak , we all are advised to

Wash our hands always  with soap or sanitizer 

Sneeze or cough into elbow

Cover the face and the nose properly 

Avoid touching the face. 

And maintain a reasonable distance between you and the next person 

Read Books 

This necessarily doesn’t mean your school notes , although you should be reading them. But when you’re bored or tired of them, you could reach out and try other books either soft copy or hard copy. 

It could be motivational

Or a business book

Or novels

Or spiritual books

Just  to keep your mind fresh , so when it’s time to go back to school , you mind won’t be rusty.

Engage in recreational activities 

Hey , “all work and no play makes YOU a dull boy/girl “

Yeah , you need to do something recreational , like playing of games , and other indoor sports. 

Learn something new 

You have a lot of time on your hand , you should learn something. Oh how do I do this when I’m not supposed to leave my house ? Well YouTube ! 

Stay healthy out there people ! 

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