The leadership of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) Kwara chapter has been accused by Teachers under the protection of Kwara State Concerned Teacher of hobnobbing with the State government.

Mallam Abdulwahab Abubakar, the spokesperson of the concerned teachers, urged the state incoming government to take the workers’ welfare seriously to stabilize its administration.

Abdulwahab said: “The motive of the gathering is to tell the labor leaders in Kwara State that this is the time for them to come together and form a formidable power. The essence of having unions is to cater for the welfare of workers in the state. But in Kwara State, it is as if labor leaders are not there for the workers at all.
“The labor leaders have been hobnobbing with the government. This time around, we need virile and vibrant labor leaders that will fight for workers’ welfare in the state.
“Besides, most of our benefits are being denied us. The benefits include leaving bonus, promotion, etc. Whenever these things are not being paid to workers, it behooves labor leaders to come out and demand them. It is injurious to workers for labor and government to have a friendly relationship. In a situation where labor leaders and government have a good rapport, it means the labor leaders are not there for workers’ interest.
“As we await the incoming government in the state, we want a formidable labor leader that will be there for the workers. The labor leaders in the state, candidly speaking, are not there for us.
“I am making reference to NUT. NUT should close rank and form a formidable force so that teachers in the state will have relief.
“Our advice to the incoming government is that it should take workers’ welfare as a priority.”

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