The Lagos State University (LASU) on Monday commented on a rumour making the rounds on social media that the University plans to increase tuition fees.

The University management has announced that the claims of tuition increment in LASU is another case of fake news and mere rumours.

This was revealed by the spokesman of the University, Mr Ademola Adekoya while he was speaking to newsmen concerning the tuition increment rumour. According to Mr Ademola Adekoya, there is no iota of truth in the rumour and the rumour is simply the handiwork of mischief-makers

Below is an extract of Mr Ademola’s statement to newsmen;

“Kindly disregard any information suggesting an increase in the school fees of LASU. School Fees remains unchanged, please.

“The story is not correct. No iota of truth on the increase of school fees

“The university’s Governing Council also had not made any recommendation for the increase of school fees.”

Mr Ademola further disclosed that the University management does not intend to increase the tuition of the school any time soon as there is no recommendation of such by the governing council.

He, however, revealed that the governing council only recently approved an increase on the amount paid on certificates, transcript and other sundry charges as recommended by the Finance and General Purposes Committee of the university.

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