My secondary school CRS teacher and counsellor was popular among the students because of her famous quote “pass through the school, and let the school pass through you.”

I never really understood what it meant until I got admitted into the university.

I’ve got to know that in the university there are different types of students



Are the ones always reading round the clock all day everyday. They don’t care about any other thing, all they care about is getting good grades.

They don’t participate in any social events, their schedule is hostel, to class, to this r library, back to their hostel.

You won’t see them hanging out around for now reason, they’re always on the move. The only friends they have are the one in their study groups, the rest they are just friendly with.

Well at the end, they get their good grades, get good jobs, but that is all.

They don’t have any crazy story to tell their kids or grand kids about what they did in the university, cause all they were busy doing was reading and attending different tutorials they can get into.

They are good at what they do, but most times, they don’t get to the top of the business chain or whatever field they branch into because they sometime lack the right charisma and characteristics to snatch the deal.


This come in twos.

The first set are the ones who attend every class , they act like they know all what the lecturer is talking about; they even go beyond to have light conversations about the lectures with the serious kids. But they know nothing.

The Second Set are the one who doesn’t care about school. They don’t attend classes until it’s time for a practical, tests or exam(s). They just want to have fun, They’re in every party, social events, get together(s) whatever screams fun is their calling. Then when it’s time for an exam, they’ll be there looking at the exam questions like it’s writing in a different language .( I’ve had different experience with people like this.)

At the end , they leave wish mad, crazy fun stories tell whomever might be listening.

These set of people then venture into something that doesn’t need a college certificate.

They start up a trade, and they will be really good at what they do, because they’ll be good with customer relationships


They are the cool kids, the popular kids, the secret nerds. They hold their ground and are not easily influenced by their peers, they are the influencers, the trendsetters

They put on a party front, people see them as unserious, because they are seen in all the parties, meet and greets and whatever social event you can think about.

They are the popular kids, they are popular with everyone, they know almost everyone. Which gives them an upper hand amongst their peers.

But when the spotlight is out, they’re with their books reading and making educational research towards their courses.

This set of people tends to mislead people a lot, people mostly in the “Un-Serious category”

They may not graduate top of the class, but they’ll graduate outstandingly.

These set of people tend to excel in whatever Field they venture into because they’ve met different people, and know what might work for a particular set of people. They have the connection.


The difference between these groups are. –

The serious ones graduate school with good gradess, and they might also be voted most likely to succeed.

They are sometimes easily influenced especially when they get into an unhealthy relationship, they lost their way and become miserable.

The Un-Serious ones graduate school with crazy, and mad fun stories. Stories that’ll make their kids and grand kids idolize them. But not with good grades.

Then lastly, The cool kids – Cool as a cucumber, react well under pressure, the influencers.

So what type of student are YOU?

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