We thought we were past the days of having to have an extra year(s) in school due to unnecessary strikes advocated by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) was over, they strike again.

The result of this could cause a major shift in the school calendar. But have no fear, Tuition.NG is here to enlighten and give you tips on things you can during this period of ASUU strike.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy for students to idly, sitting and wasting precious time that can never be gotten back. Some students will spend their time on irrelevant activities that will have no positive impact on their lives.

But since you’re here, why don’t you let us walk you through the different things you can do during this “indefinite” time for personal development and growth.

BE PRODUCTIVE: Start A Business

As an undergraduate who is thinking about being independent and self-sufficient, this is a better time to start a small business. This is the perfect period to innovate that business idea you’ve been nursing. It’s easier to start a business now due to the presence of sophisticated technologies and social media that make things easier

Use this period to start a small business. You could render a service or sell products that people care about. The silver lining about this is that a small capital can get you started. And also you can use social media to own advantage as you can advertise your services or products on it.

Most importantly, take a time to make proper and research before you start your business, to be in the wise. There are so many options of what to do, just look it up. Managing a business gives you opportunities to gain a lot of experience and qualities such as people skills, charisma, teamwork, etc.

BE CREATIVE: Learn A Vocational Skill.

You can finally learn a vocational skill. It could be photography, tailoring, baking, catering etc. Take the time to learn it, and get good at it. What is worth doing is worth doing well.
It helps in self-growth and attaining Independence, it will help you build your self-confidence.

In our world today, certifications would help you in diverse ways, but, having a skill that meets the demands of the world economy and the demands of people on daily basis would rather take you farther in your career.

The world is ruled by people who have armed themselves with skills that are useful in our world today. There are several skills that one could actually learn, depending on your interest.

After learning the skill of your choice, don’t hesitate to put it into practice even when school resumes again. This will further enhance the skill thereby making you perfect in it.

Today, your certificate would help you in various ways, but, having a vocational skill that meets the demand of the economy of the world. The world is being controlled by people with skills that are useful in our world today. After learning the skills of your choice don’t hesitate to put it into practice, this builds you and we all know what they say about practice, it makes perfect.

DEVELOP YOURSELF: Enrol For A Professional Course

Yes, the university is on strike, but there other avenues for learning. You can enrol for professional classes, or short courses online that will grant you certain qualifications that may become relevant in the future. You don’t necessarily need to attain a certificate from it; the idea of it all is to acquire new knowledge that will be relevant to your career goals


ASUU might be on strike, but you don’t need to be on strike either.

Employ yourself while you’re at home you can get a job as an intern in an office, or company. You can even get a job as an apprentice at a salon or a fashion house. More so, you may decide to go for something freelance like writing.

The basic thing to do in this course of finding a place to work an organization that is related to your course of study in the university. Doing this you’ll gain more experience and knowledge that will give you an upper hand in your profession. The money made might not meagre, but it may be enough to meet some needs.


This is a great way to give back to society, or just to do something worthy with your time. You can volunteers at Governmental Organization or Religious Organizations, where the sole aim is to help others and create opportunities for the betterment of society. You could also get involved in empowerment programs meant for young people where some of your skills may be needed and the opportunity to learn new ones. There’s a certain sense of fulfilment and accomplishments that come with serving humanity and giving back.

TRAVEL: Explore The World Around You

This is not a bad time to go on travelling trips. As a student, you may not be financially fit to go to exotic places, but you can visit another state in the country, or maybe another city in your state. You can learn and have fun through travelling.

It is also a great way to learn more about the world around you, and know more about the cultural traditions and lifestyle around you.
You could travel around Africa if you’re financially capable of doing so.


Attend conferences and Seminars as well as events that can and will improve your social skills and human relations. It does not have to be a professional, vocational or educational event, It can be an event that offers you the opportunity to explore your hobby like fashion shows, meet and greet, etc. This offers the opportunity to create a new network of professional connections and meet people who are into what you like also.


Honestly speaking being on an “indefinite” strike is annoying, but be positive, and keep your head above water.

Try to accomplish one, if not all out of the “things to do” above, and, make an Orange juice out of the lemon the strike gave you.

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