The Federal Government has finally responded to recent claims by ASUU that the Tuition fees for all public Universities in Nigeria is about to be increased by the Federal Government.

It will be recalled that about a week ago, ASUU accused the Federal Government of planning to increase the tuition fees for all public Universities in Nigeria, ASUU described the act as a means for the Federal Government to avoid their responsibilities to education.

However, Mr Sonny Echono who is the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education has come forward to deny the claims levelled against the Federal Government By ASUU.

While Speaking at a symposium in Abuja which was themed; “The Right to Education means the Right to a Qualified Teacher’’, Mr Sonny Echono disclosed that the allegations by ASUU that the Federal Government is planning to increase the tuition fees of public Universities.

He also explained that the N350, 000 new tuition fee being circulated is untrue.

Below is an extract of the speech by Mr Sonny Echono;

The Federal Government did not and has no intention of introducing new tuition fees in our public universities not to mention the figure of N350, 000.

“What is true is that the present administration is committed to guaranteeing the quality of education.

“President Muhammadu Buhari has directed the ministry of education along with the ministry of finance to jointly organise a workshop on a very sustainable and workable recommendation of funding education in Nigeria.

“And to this end, we have been engaging various stakeholders, including ASUU who can come up with a very useful contribution that will bring all these recommendations achievable.

Mr Sonny Echono also disclosed that the Federal Ministry of Education is working to re-establish education bank which will assist the Federal Government in terms of funding education as the government cannot do it alone.

He further explained that the purpose of the education bank is to give loans to students at a low-interest rate to assist them educational pursuits, he also explained that the loans will not be limited to students alone as parents will also be able to get loans from the education bank.

While he was speaking on the right to education, Echono said every child has the fundamental right to quality education, he disclosed that the ministry had developed strategies to ensure pupils and students with special needs were carried along.

Mr Echono also said that the National Teachers Institute (NTI) had finalised plans to train and develop the capacity of primary and secondary school teachers in the 36 states and FCT.

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