Concentration in the classroom is a major problem for a large percentage of students. Most students are able to concentrate in classes they find interesting, also, subject and courses that they are truly drawn to, but what about those classes you are not really intrigued by, yes, it is important to pass all your classes with good grades if you are to make a nice result.

Remember those high school days of sitting in the classroom, listening to the teacher as he explains a topic you don’t interesting, remember how you had to constantly fight your subconscious to focus on what he was saying then. Remember how you kept checking the time and hoping the bell would ring while at the same time silently praying that the teacher does not call on you to answer any of his questions.

However, these days with the help of technology, teachers can now engage their students in more interesting ways even while still in the classroom. Various studies have shown that teachers found the use of educational technology helps students to concentrate better while encouraging them to learn more in the classroom.

If you are looking for ideas to attract your students’ attention, here are some things to consider.

Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems consist of various technological tools which are used to keep students interested in the subject being taught. These systems make use of clickers, online videos, blackboards and managing groups to encourage students’ participation in class.

Some advantages of using learning management systems include the ability of the teacher to monitor students’ responses and upload related material within seconds to every student’s monitor or tablet. Also, as a teacher, learning management systems enables you to learn more about your students individually while also understanding their learning styles. Some students learn best through auditory methods while others learn better when they use more physical hands-on methods. Learning management systems work by combining teaching methods which engage students to be more active and focused in class regardless of their learning styles. Also, as a teacher, you can decide to use colourful images, videos, and texts that catch students’ attention and keep them entertained while they learn. These systems also help students in giving feedback to the teacher as students can use the monitor to send questions to the teacher instead raising their hands. This has greatly helped students who have a bit of self-esteem issue since the student can interact with the teacher without the other students’ opinion or criticism as the case may be.

Personal Response Systems

Personal response systems, also known as clickers are part of the tools for increasing student concentration in the classroom. These systems are similar to those used on game shows we watch on the television. The teacher can show students a question on their monitor and then ask them to click an answer. The answers will help the teacher to have an idea of issues that the students are struggling with and as such, you will be able to tailor the day’s class to meet their various needs if not all. This will enable the class to be more personalised for each student and aid them in understanding whatever it is that they have been lacking in the topic, subject or course.

Desktop Sharing

In every classroom, there are at least one or more students who do not fancy speaking up for various reasons. Some students see the idea of speaking out loud in class as being too stressful and vulnerable, while some are worried that other students will laugh at them in class and after the class is over, while some just find it difficult to put their thoughts into words and they tend to believe that the teacher will not understand their area of difficulty. Desktop sharing helps in solving these problems by giving students the opportunity of writing as another means of expressing themselves other than speaking. Writing enables students to put their thoughts into words at their own pace, they do not have to worry about the teacher or the other students misunderstanding them before they complete their statement, it also helps to strengthen their writing skills.

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