The Minister of Education, Mr Adamu Adamu, during the JAMB 2018 policy meeting expressed his dissatisfaction with the amount institutions having been charging candidates for post-UTME Registration fee. The Minister stated that the amount that most institutions have been charging students who apply for admission are exorbitant and unfair.


The Minister stated that the Post-UTME Registration fee should not exceed Two Thousand Naira (N2000), he explained that given the high number of candidates who apply for admission yearly, there should be no need for any institution to sell PostUTME Form at a price higher than N2000 naira.

He further disclosed that the admission exercise will be monitored this year and that any institution which is discovered to have violated this rule will be duly sanctioned, he further disclosed that the ministry is aware that most institutions went against the guideline given by JAMB concerning 2017 admission exercise and also that after JAMB had fixed the maximum amount that should be charged for Post-UTME Registration most institutions still went ahead to charge above that.

He, however, stated that this time around it will be strictly enforced. Mr  Adamu concluded by saying that violations of basic guidelines would not be tolerated and that any of the head of institutions discovered to be guilty of misconduct during 2018 admission exercise will be dealt with stressing that some heads of tertiary institutions in Nigeria lack integrity in carrying out their jobs.



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