At the Federal Executive Council, FEC Meeting, the Federal Government has decided to crape the award of HND certificates to Students and this will commence with all Students studying at their prospective Federal Polytecnics.

The Federal Government also reiterated that Courses that are not related to technical or technology Courses would be scraped off Polytechnic’s Programs list because students graduating from Polytecnics will now be awarded with a Bachelor of Technology, B.Tech Award after their Programs.

This New policy will be a merger from Universities and Polytecnics and Nigerian Polytecnics will only be able to issue out Award of National Diploma, ND and Bachelor of Technology, B.Tech.

Just after the FEC meeting, the Minister of Education, Prof Adamu Adamu was interviewed by the Journalists,

He said: “After we have exhausted the current student programme, there will be no more award of HND. This means that there will be no fresh admission for HND programmers. And in addition, any programme that is not technical will be out of the Polytechnics. ”

“About 70 per cent of polytechnic graduates are in the non-technical Courses. It is going to be a rigorous implementation programme. “

A ministerial committee to ensure the smooth implementation of all that is required for the take-off of the reform initiatives is to begin work immediately.

Adamu also said, “The HND certificate will remain a legal tender in Nigeria and holders of such certificate will continue to be recognised as the equivalent of first degree holders without discriminatory remunerations and limit to progression in the work place.

“The NCE certificate will be retained as the minimum teaching qualification at the basic level of education. Any higher qualifications by these private or state-owned polytechnics will be only affiliation with a university. So, HND is no longer in existence, but existing HND will be respected and considered legal tender.”

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