The Ignatius Ajuru University of Education has suspended four of the lecturers in the institution for two months without pay for various forms of harassment and misconducts ranging from extortion to intimidating students to buy study materials.

It was gathered that the lecturers were reported to the school management by students who felt the situation was getting out of hand. The lecturers were said to be in the habit of asking students for money for Teaching Practice Supervision.

The students also reported that the lecturers sometimes insist that the students pay a certain amount of money as appreciation for courses being taught they also enforce students to buy books and study materials provided by the lecturer at high and exorbitant prices and threaten to fail any student who refuses to buy the books. the students also said that the lecturers sometimes refuse to mark examination scripts until the students have shown an evidence that they have bought the book written by the lecturer even though most times the book is completely unrelated to their studies.

After receiving the reports and complains, the school proceeded to investigate the authenticity of the claims and complains lodged by the students. Upon Investigation, the lecturers were found guilty and the school management came together on a decision to suspend all the lecturers found guilty of the allegations.

Hence, four lecturers have been suspended, though their names were not released by the school management to avoid unnecessary media attention to their families, one of them is from the Department of Curriculum Studies and Instructional Technology, Faculty of Education while the other three are from the Department of Secretarial Studies, Faculty of Business Studies.

While speaking to newsmen in his office, the Vice Chancellor of the school commended the students for coming forward to report the case and he also encouraged other students who are experiencing a similar situation in the school to come forward and report such lecturers to the school management. He also stated that the school does not support harassment of any kind and he also warned lecturers who are engaging in such to desist from it.

It will be recalled that some months ago while commenting on the allegations against a lecturer of Obafemi Awolowo University, The National University Commission (NUC) advised all Universities to take a stand against harassment of any form in the institution so as to maintain a good standard of education and also to encourage students to report any lecturer involved in any form of harassment or misconduct.

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