Most Nigerians don’t really know how easy it can be when applying a US University Admission and getting a US Student Visa. Many admission seekers have turned into a money making machine for most VISA Agents and i have had experience where people still paid more. I won’t waste your time on this Topic and i want you to learn as i show you how to apply for Study Student Visa and Study at a Good University of your Choice in the United State.


Do you want to do this?

If by now you’re still asking yourself if you are just searching the Web to know more or you’re just checking, then this article might not be of interest to you but if you really want to Get admitted into a US school and travel on a Study VISA by doing it yourself, then this is for you.

How to apply to a US University admission:

You need to use a lot of online resources like google, usnews, nairaland etc to research for US Universities online, check for which state suits your lifestyle and research on school that can accept you to study your choice of course. After you must have found 2 to 3 school that can offer your course, you can proceed to check information on their websites. Check for their admission requirements and note down everything you can find out ranging from tuition fee to cost of living. This is important because you will use all these information to Judge yourself if you will get Admission or not in the time frame.


These are standardized test you may or you must take before trying to apply for a University in the United States. There are schools that does not require some test like SAT or TOEFL but it would a great decision if you will take your time and write a Test. This will boost your chances of securing your VISA at the Embassy while being interviewed by a Visa Officer. If your school of choice/course requires that you must write a test, write it as this will also qualify you a chance of getting yourself a Financial Aid from the institution. If you score high marks in the test results, in most cases, you will get a discount on tuition fee or some other funding like Student Monthly stipends and being able to work on Campus.

Your US University Admission Application:

Check your school of choice website and get information on how to apply. Provide every documents when asked and you will be asked to upload to the school’s website. Documents like Bank Statements, Transcripts, your International Passports, etc. Some US Schools do require that you pay an Application fee, you can simply do this by using your Nigerian Master Card and you’re good to go.

Mailing of Documents:

Make sure all your Documents are uploaded to the school’s website or use when required to use WES, evaluate your transcript by mailing them through WES. WES Evaluation Report is completed within seven (7) business days of our confirmation and review of the required applications, documents and fees.

Getting a Grants/Funding:

If you care about getting funding as an international student while trying to apply for a University in the USA, you must write a standardized test and you must score high marks in your test sheet. The institution you’re applying to might grant you some financial aid and you will not be able to get a financial Aid from the Federal or State Government since you’re an international student. This is why you need to score high mark in your Standardized test like GRE/TOEFL/SAT/GMAT/IELTS/MCAT/LSAT/ACT etc.

Receiving your i20:

Your i20 is your admission letter and it is a vital document because you will need it at the Embassy and at your point of entry into the United States. So keep it safe with you always after receiving from your US university.

Paying your Visa Fee:

Head over to any GTB in your area, request that you want to pay for your VISA Fee. At the time of posting this article, US Visa Fee is around Fifty Six thousand Naira (56,000).

Scheduling an Appointment Date/DS160 Form:

You can choose either Abuja or Lagos Consulate while scheduling and searching for a date and make sure you make no mistake while filling your DS160 Form. Make sure every information you will provide corresponds with your status and never lie in your DS160. The information you will provide will also be used to ask you questions during your interview session at the Consulate.

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  • Emmanuel Gboyega
    May 31, 2018 1:36 pm

    This information is insightful, I will be going for my masters at Troy. Do you know if i must write GRE because I learnt that Troy doesn’t request for a Standardized test. Do you know?

  • Martins Iyanda
    June 24, 2018 9:51 pm

    Nice information for intending students. I like the way this writer explained everything with detailed information. I want to go for my Masters very soon and i have learned so many things from this post……… Thank you


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