How to score High in Post UTME:

Students who are Eligible to write Post UTME in their various choice of schools will ponder on how to score high marks and pass their Post UTME Exams with flying colours. In this write up I will show you the practical and easy ways on how to sit up, prepare and score high marks in your post ume Examination. When you are able to read through this post and you follow every certified practical step, you will score high and you will be admitted to any school of your choice in Nigeria easily.

Are you Qualified to write Post UTME?

Make sure you are Qualified to write this Exam and make sure you are right on track because if any mistake is being made in your registrations, there will be a problem with you being able to sit for Post UME in your chosen School. It is very important that you must have scored the required cut off mark for your school of choice and be sure that your intending department will accept your Jamb Score Mark. You must know dates, time and venue for your Post UTME Examination and you can get all the information about your Post UTME here.

Post UTME Past Questions:

Look around for Post UTME past Questions of your school of choice, this will allow you practice and will give you a wider knowledge on how your school of Choice will set question and it will also allow you figure out how to answer their questions easily. A study has it that, when Students who are about to sit for an Exam secures Past Questions of their intending schools, they have the wider knowledge than students who don’t.

Choose a Reading Habit for your Post UTME Examination:

Another Study has it that Students who read their books early in the Morning tends to assimilate than others who read at random Hours. While reading for Post UTME, learn to choose a reading pattern. You can ready for 1Hour, take a break for the next 15minutes then go back to reading your Book. When you do this, you will be able to assimilate quickly while you use the 15minutes break to reminisce about what you have read. You can also read at late Hours. It all depends on yourself, so you must discover the reading habits that fits your lifestyle to be able to prepare and score high in your Post UTME Examination.

How to Prepare for Post UTME and Score High Mark:

Start right now. Get tutorial questions with answers and if you won’t be able to read on your Own, attend Tutorial Classes where you will meet more students who are in your category and you can also meet Students in Nigerian Student Forum. Attending Tutor Classes will gain you more opportunity to Practise with more students while you also prepare to score high mark after your Post UTME Examination.


Most Schools are already switching over to the computer-based test technique of examination. I am very sure you know how to go about writing a Computer-based and paper-based Examination. If you are to write your Post UTME with CBT, make sure you follow every instruction before you proceed and if you’re writing with a Paper-based test, read instructions before you proceed. Ask the question when you don’t understand what’s on paper too.

Punctuality to Exam Centers:

After you must have studied well for your Post UTME Examination, attend Examination venues on time, dispose of every incriminating items, devices or gadget that might implicate you during your Exam because you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your opportunity of being admitted to your school of choice.

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